Textiles, Fabrics, Canvas

These stunning coat cuffs are now a piece of art in their own right, thanks to some Isis creative magic!
After all the time you have spent creating your work let us stretch it and frame it to hang on the wall
Let us help you find the perfect frame for that precious painting
This African canvas was float mounted instead of stretched. An unusual idea that really works!
We print, stretch and frame many different types of material
Sometimes all it takes is a simple black frame, just like on these cool classic car canvases
All our stretching and framing work is carried out in-house by our expert staff

Cross Stitch Samplers

We have been stretching and framing cross stitch fabrics for many years and we can offer a number of ways of achieving great looking pieces. Bring them in to us and we’ll discuss what is suitable for your piece but one big tip and hopefully you are reading this before you’ve started. Sew your cross stitch on a square cornered frame. If you don’t do this you can end up with a piece of material that is a completely irregular shape. Too late? Don’t worry we will try to rescue your work but it just makes it harder to do. After all your hours of effort in creating your piece bring it to us and let us find the best solution for presenting it on the wall.

Have a look at your glass options to help preserve the thread colours in years to come.


We get asked to frame many different types of fabrics from pieces of clothing, to canvas prints to Batiks. They are too varied to cover here as they all demand a different approach and of course customers’ requirements are different. Bring them in to discuss the possibilities.

Canvas Stretching

We carry a large selection of different stretcher bar frame moulding including our own specification, from shallow to deep profiles. We are able to stretch (or re-stretch) canvas (old or new) and fabric as required.