Memorabilia & Collectables

Special memories of special days live on for the whole family
A rather unique piece of London 2012 Olympic memorabilia, this dress worn at the opening ceremony
Album covers make great wall decoration
This New York number plate looks amazing with its colour co-ordinated inner slip and no glass
A beautiful chess board gets to hang on a wall to mark a memorable game
Festival posters are perfect for framing
Tennis rackets make great framed objects
Show off those special collectors pieces
You have to look hard to spot the fixings!
A London underground map with a's made entirely of Lego!
Hole in One? - The ball and tee get put in to a box frame with a photograph of the smiling golfer
Even specialist collectable plates can be framed
Acrylic boxes can be used to good effect for many objects
A beautiful collection of coins now ready for public display
Have you got a special bank note, or maybe a whole collection in need of framing?
A stamp collection is easily damaged. This set of London Olympic commemorative stamps looks great and is now safe for years to come
Radiohead's CD 'In Rainbows' goes into space inside the Space Shuttle Atlantis on its way to the Hubble Space Telescope!
...and the photographed CD , certificate of authenticity and commemorative coin get framed
What about getting that special collection framed?
This full-size sword was framed un-glazed and strapped in place so that it could be removed
These acrylic boxes look stunning free-standing with your mementoes inside. Available in standard and bespoke sizes
These acrylic boxes look stunning free-standing with your mementoes inside. Available in standard and bespoke sizes

Where do we start in discussing what can be framed under the banner of Memorabilia and Collectables?

We frame Coins, Sports Rackets, Sports Shirts, Ties, Records, CDs, Spoons, Golf Balls, Cigarette Cards, Swords, Tiles and much more.

There are some fantastic presentation options we can offer using our computerised mount cutters.  We have invested heavily in new cutting equipment, computers and software, enabling us to draw and cut specific shapes, letters and free-hand designs. See our Mount Cutting page. These can all be further enhanced and protected by incorporating one of our specialist glass types. For more information on how we frame Sports Shirts, head over to our Sports Shirts page.


Memorabilia to one person is something completely different to another but it can best be described as “Whatever you want to be framed (within reason) can be framed”. When things start getting too big then you get a cross-over with cabinet makers, but we’ll tell you if that is the case.  We are also able to offer a range of superb clear acrylic boxes which suit some pieces very well.