Mounting Images

We can take your image or poster (or print one) and fix it to a block, usually with an over-laminate for protection, for a really special effect
Block Mounting
Dry Mounting is used to flatten creased and damaged images
Dry Mounting

Not to be confused with Mount Cutting.

We can mount your Posters, Prints, Maps or Photographs to different substrates for different effects.

Had ‘wavy’ images in a frame or seen one go wavy, rippled or cockled (different descriptions for the same thing) when it has got damp or from humidity? This ruins the look and most people really cannot live with it. We can mount your image to a base material to keep it flat to either improve the look or make sure it doesn’t happen in the first place.

Don’t want an image or map framed? We can mount it to a backing substrate for direct application to the wall usually with a protective over-laminate. This is particularly popular for graphics panels or maps for map pin marking or dry marker over-writing.

Block Mounts

We can present your image on to an MDF block mount which gives a really nice effect, again at standard or custom sizes.