Repairs & Restoration

Moved house, decorating, indoor football? We are always replacing broken picture glass
A few finishing touches
Sometimes a clean is all it takes to return your treasured artwork to its former glory; you might find colours you didn't even know were there!
Is your old gilt frame something like this? Then look at the next slide to see a transformation...
Beautifully restored!
An enamel plate receiving some TLC from our expert staff

We are constantly putting old frames back together and we are constantly asked the following questions;

Can you restore my old gilt frame?

We can repair the oldest of frames making new parts for missing detail as necessary. Take a look at some of the images above for examples. If you’re not sure whether they are suitable for repair then just pop them in to us for a quick, no obligation assessment.


Can we repair old frames?

Of course we can and do all the time. Why pay for new frames if the frames you have look good with your existing artwork or you just love them. We can do as much or as little as you want us to.

Can we cut some glass, backs, inserts or mounts for my existing frames?

Again, of course we can.  It is always best to bring the old frames in to us so we can check the measurements and to make it safer for you to transport any glass.  If you want us to put everything back together safely then again it’s no trouble.

We frequently take boxes of old frames, bits of antique glass, old oils or pictures and put them all back together again to give you a fantastic wall display.

Bringing many items in at once is very economical as we just charge for the time taken and materials used.

Can we clean and repair old oils on canvas?

A cleaned and re-varnished oil is always a transformation.  Taking away the years of grime can show you colours you didn’t know were there. When varnished the contrast is enhanced and the picture will have a prolonged lease of life.  We can also do minor repairs to the canvas, touching-up of the artwork and re-stretching onto the old or new stretcher bars. Take a look at some of the examples above which show the real difference a clean can make.

Insurance / Removers work?

We can carry out frame repairs or reglazing for you, or on behalf of Insurance Companies or Removal Companies when things get damaged by fire, flood, accident or moving home.  We are happy to invoice these companies directly.